Kodi for Mac – Install Kodi 17 on Macbook

Have you looked Kodi for mac? Kodi is great home theater application you must have. Kodi is available for Mac OS based device like MacBook Air, MacBook Pro, and iMac. Basically, Kodi is a media player that can play movies, music, pictures and other entertainment files locally and from the internet. The most popular feature is stream content from the internet. You can play movies directly from the internet, stream live tv and music using Kodi. Kodi is not available on the App Store or Itunes. So if you want to download and install Kodi on your mac, you have to download Kodi dmg file from its official website.

Kodi for Mac
Kodi for Mac

Is Kodi for Mac Safe and Illegal?

A lot of people ask for Kodi legality. Kodi is a legal application, so it’s safe for your Mac. However, Kodi users in UK, USA, Australia, Ireland, France, Canada, and Germany have received copyright infringement notices as a result of using Kodi Certain add-ons. There is nothing illegal about downloading and installing this app. The legal issues from the fact that a lot of movie add-ons and live TV Plugins do get their content from pirated sources. The other legal issues are streaming content using ‘Filesharing’ like torrents.

How to Install Kodi for Mac?

The latest 2017 kodi version for mac is 17.4. As in the first paragraph, kodi is not available on App Store or Itunes. So you have to download it from official website. Here is easy guide on how to install kodi for mac.

  1. First, you have to download Kodi 17.4 Krypton dmg by following those link.
  2. Open dmg you’ve download.
  3. Drag and drop kodi app to application folder.
  4. Click kodi icon, there will be notification “Kodi can’t be opened because it is from unidentified developer”. Dont worry about that, this app is safe and legal. For more explanation of this, you can read Error Kodi Can’tBe Opened Because Its From Unidentified Developer On Mac.
  5. To open Kodi hold down the Control key and click the application icon. From the contextual menu choose Open.
  6. Finally, you can open Kodi on your mac.

Finally, you can enjoy kodi by playing your local file or from the online source. To play a file from online sources you must install add on to your Kodi. You can install it from Kodi repository or third party repository. There is a lot of add-ons you can install to your Kodi. You can install movies add-on, music add-on, tv shows addon and much more.