How to Update Kodi

Have you looked for how to update kodi? There are many reasons for updating kodi on your device. Several bugs on previous kodi versions make kodi run not properly. It’s need update to newer version of kodi to run properly. Kodi is updating periodically when some bugs found. The developer of Kodi is fast for solving bugs on Kodi. Any update on that bug, kodi will release the new version. If you still have an old version of Kodi and you think it’s working normally you no need to update kodi. But if you found some trouble when you run kodi, consider updating your kodi. A Newer version of kodi also brings a new feature that adds more experience. So if you want more experience on your kodi, you have to update your kodi to the newest version. . For safety, if you change kodi skin from confluence (default) to another skin, put it back to the default. This is prevent your new kodi showing black screen.

How to Update Kodi on Windows Based Device (PC, Notebook, Laptop, Tablet, Surface, Windows Phone)

Updating kodi on windows based device (PC, Notebook, Tablet, Smartphone) is so easy. Here is the step on how to update kodi on windows to the latest 17.4 version.

  1. First of all is you have to close your kodi application.
  2. Get the latest version of kodi (17.3 Krypton) here.
  3. Select windows logo, and then choose your windows version (32/64 bit).
  4. Kodi installer will download.
  5. Open downloaded exe file.
  6. Follow each step of updating kodi to the latest version.
  7. There will be a notification that your kodi will be overwritten. Proceed this notification to add your previous settings.
  8. After update finish, launch your kodi application.
  9. Check your previous settings, make sure it’s added to the latest version of kodi.
  10. Check your previous add-ons.

How to Update Kodi on Fire Stick

  1. First of all, open your firestick apps, and go to system menu.
  2. Turn on Unknown Sources settings.
  3. Go to Downloader App you can find it by voice search or Search Menu on the left above.
  4. If you haven’t installed downloader, install first.
  5. Open Downloader App, and type ‘’ which is the kodi official website.
  6. Downloader app will detect this url, and direct it to the browser.
  7. Point cursor to the android logo (green robot) and press it.
  8. There will appear newest version of kodi. Point cursor to ‘ARM V7A 32BIT’ and press it.
  9. It will download the latest version kodi apk to your firestick. Wait till download finished.
  10. After download finished, click install on the right bottom.
  11. Wait until installation finished.
  12. Open kodi and check your previous settings.

How to Update Kodi on Mac

Update kodi on mac is the same as fresh kodi installation. Here is step by step on how to update kodi on mac.

  1. First you have to download kodi 17 krypton dmg from this link or here.
  2. Open dmg you’ve download.
  3. Drag and drop kodi app to application folder.
  4. Kodi will appear now in application folder.
  5. To open kodi, hold down the Control key and click the application icon. From the contextual menu choose Open.
  6. Finally, you can open new version of kodi on your mac.