How to Watch Movies on Kodi

Watch Movies on Kodi from Local Source

Have you looked how to watch movies on kodi? This is the most question of first time kodi user. Basically, kodi can play movies from a local file and online source or streaming. To watch movies from your local file, you have to download movie file and put into your kodi device. Then you can go to Videos menu on your kodi and then press Files. Press Add Videos menu and then you can browse your movies file on your local storage of your kodi. Thats all step to watch local movies file on kodi.

Watch Movies on Kodi from Online Source

The next method to watch movies on kodi is streaming or watch movies from online source. This method advantage is you don’t need big storage for your kodi device. Popular kodi device such as amazon firestick tv, android tv, apple tv and raspberry pi have limited storage to save movies file. So if you have that device, it’s better you watch movies from the online source. To watch movies from online source (movies streaming) you have to install kodi addons. Kodi addons is additional program and feature. There is a lot of best kodi addons for watching movies.

Best Kodi Addons for Watch Movies on Kodi

Latest best kodi addons for movies that work is Covenant Kodi Addons. This addon is Exodus and Genesis Kodi Addons reborn. The best part of this add-ons is structured movie tree list. You can easily search movies by genre or year. If you found movies that you want, it will give many links you can watch. So if there is a broken link, you can choose next link that works.

Covenant Kodi
Covenant Kodi

How to Install Covenant Kodi Addons

Here is step by step on how to install covenant kodi addons. This method is is easy to go for PC, Laptop, Notebook and Mac Kodi.

  1. Download covenant zip file on
  2. Open your Kodi.
  3. Move to Addons. Then go to Addons Browser.
  4. Find Install from Zip File then press it.
  5. Move to plugin download directory (step 1). On macbook kodi you can go to macintosh ssd->users ->yourusername->downloads directory. On windows or android check your download folder directory.
  6. Scroll down to then press it.
  7. Wait for addons enabled notification.
  8. Finish. Now you can go to Addons -> Video Addons -> Covenant.

You can also install covenant Kodi add-ons using collosus repository. This method is easy for android box and amazon firestick kodi.

Is Streaming Movies on Kodi illegal?

Streaming movies on kodi are in the grey area. UK FACT tells that anyone “making a business” out of selling illegal contentscould potentially face the law. Although it’s not to go after the kodi end user. Those who casually stream a couple of movies every once in a while are extremely unlikely to be prosecuted.  As the Open Rights Group notes, Clause 27 of the Act states that criminal liability is to be determined by “causing loss” and “risk of loss” to the owner of the copyright. This is defined as merely failing to pay a licence fee, so ordinary people engaged in domestic “Filesharing” on a non-commercial basis could potentially find themselves facing sentences. Torrents is a kind of “Filesharing” so if you want to stream movies on kodi, never use torrents because it’s kind of “Filesharing”.


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